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  1. Wedgwood: The First Tycoon

    Book Cover
    "considered the father of our label-obsessed society, grew up in a family of struggling potters, performing experiment after experiment in an effort to develop attractive forms of pottery. He later transformed the process of shopping for pottery by holding"

  2. My Life as a Quant : Reflections on Physics and Finance

    Book Cover
    "South African physicist Derman is known for developing various trading tools like an options-pricing method and for co-inventing the pricing options on Treasury bonds. Packed with details and as entertaining as a novel, this memoir follows Derman's career"

  3. Media Man: Ted Turner's Improbable Empire

    Book Cover
    "In this short but dynamic biography of Turner, Auletta (Three Blind Mice), who was granted unique access to the man and his insiders, describes how Turner's upbringing by a domineering father and his marriage to and later divorce from actress and radical"

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