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Jackson Rathbone's favorite books:

  1. Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) by Stephenie Meyer

    Book Cover: Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1) by Stephenie Meyer
    (sci-fi, children books, teens)

    "Had you read the “Twilight” books before getting the script?

    Jackson Rathbone: No, but many friends of mine had and filled me in on the story. Then I read Twilight and I saw what all the fuss was about. Once I landed the role of Jasper, all my cousins wrote me—I have a huge family—and told me how excited they were that I was in the movie because they loved the books so much."

  2. Book of Haikus by Jack Kerouac

    Book Cover: Book of Haikus by Jack Kerouac
    (literature and fiction)

    "What is your favorite Book and why?

    Jackson Rathbone: A recent favorite of mine is a book of Jack Keruac's haikus. I always loved the form of the haiku and the Beat Generation, so there you go."

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What book are you reading?

I’m on a short-story kick, going between Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Franz Kafka.
  1. Collected Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Book Cover: Collected Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    (literature and fiction, classics)

  2. The Complete Stories by Franz Kafka

    Book Cover: The Complete Stories by Franz Kafka
    (literature and fiction, classics)

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Jackson Rathbone Who?

Jackson Rathbone was born in Singapore on December 21, 1984 and has lived in places ranging from Indonesia to Midland, Texas. He started out in local theatre, The Pickwick Players. In high school he went to Interlochen, a private school for the arts in Michigan.

After graduation, he had planned to go to the Royal Scottish Academy, but went to Los Angeles to experiment with the big screen. He immediately signed onto Disney's 411. He had a leading role in the ABC show Beautiful People, which premiered in Autumn of 2005.

When he's not busy pursuing his television and film career, he enjoys music, writing, singing, and producing. He enjoys playing his guitar and other musical instruments such as the harmonica. He's close friends with Twilight costars Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz. He knew them both before they started filming.

He's roommates with actor Ben Graupner. His favourite actors include Christopher Walken, Clint Eastwood, and Bryce Dallas Howard. He plays in the band "100 Monkeys" with his friends whom he met in high school, Ben Graupner and Jerad Anderson.


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