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Back in 1997 we wanted to know what famous people liked to read. Now in 2004 we have contacted additional sports figures, politicians, musicians, writers, actors and business people. Below is the new list of books that famous people are reading!

R.L. Stine's favorite books:

"Wonderful fantasy novels that I didn't want to end."

"Wonderful fantasy novels that I didn't want to end."

"Wonderful fantasy novels that I didn't want to end."

"Wonderful fantasy novels that I didn't want to end."

"I don't read much nonfiction -- I don't like anything real -- but this book reads like a fabulous novel. The nation's best architects get together in rough-and-tumble 1890's Chicago to build an Unforgettable World's Fair -- and just a few blocks away, a serial murderer is killing dozens of young women. Amazing history, gruesome murders, early Chicago politics, geniuses struggling to build something unforgettable -- there's enough for endless discussion!"

"Wonderfully told, hilarious Midwestern adventures, wise and goofy at the same time, by one of my all-time heroes."

"A perfect thriller. I wish Ira Levin would write more!"

"I love any book with a narrator who doesn't have a clue as to what's really taking place, and this is the best of them by far. I've read most of Nabokov. Ada and Lolita are other favorites."

"One of the cleverest, most outrageous, slyest mysteries I've ever read."

"The first book that made me laugh till I had tears running down my face. A pretty-much-forgotten Midwest humorist, one of my heroes."

"A hilarious classic... a wonderful, twisted masterpiece that will always be funny"

"Some people argue that Uncle Dynamite is funnier, but this is my favorite -- by my favorite author. I've read about 80 of them!"

"a masterpiece of writing, much under-rated, an incredible rendering of a lost time and place." He continues, "Something on every page is so beautiful it makes you want to cry."

"I always tell kids this is the scariest book ever written!"


R.L. Stine Who?

R.L. Stine is the wildly successful author of the Goosebumps books, a horror series for young readers. Stine began writing for young audiences early in his career, with work for Junior Scholastic Magazine and on books like 101 Silly Monster Jokes and Bozos on Patrol. He created and edited the comedy magazine Bananas before turning to teen horror with his 1986 novel Blind Date. Stine began the Fear Street series in 1989, and then launched the Goosebumps series in 1992. The Goosebumps books, with titles like Brain Juice, My Hairiest Adventure and It Came From Beneath the Sink!, were an international success and the series was turned into a syndicated TV series in 1995. Stine launched another series of stories, The Nightmare Room, in 1999; it also was adapted for television (in 2001). Like J.K. Rowling, Stine has been credited with encouraging young readers, while at the same time he has weathered criticism for writing stories based on the occult. His autobiography, It Came from Ohio! My Life as a Writer, was published in 1997. Stine graduated from Ohio State University in 1965 with a degree in English... In a 2001 interview with Teen Ink magazine, Stine reported that "Goosebumps has sold 220 million in this country... Altogether I've sold over 300 million books."

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