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This week Bill Gates released a jar full of Mosquito's into the audience at the TED conference to make a point about Malaria.

“I brought some mosquitoes - we’ll let them roam around the auditorium. There’s no reason only the poor should experience this” Gates jokes.

Not only is the talk well worth watching for a better understanding of the childhood death rate, but also for his second point on education and his recommendation of a new book called Work Hard, Be Nice about how two inspired teachers created the most promising schools in America. It's really hard not to appreciate and respect what Mr. Gates is all about these days as a role model and to remember that technology can be such a powerful tool for addressing the things that really matter in our world

Bill Gates @ (Ted Talk 2009) hopes to solve some of the world’s biggest problems using a new kind of philanthropy. In a passionate and, yes, funny 18 minutes (Subject: Bill Gates: How I’m trying to change the world now), he asks us to consider two big questions and how we might answer them.

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