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"I'm really interested in 1920s Berlin. I read this great book by Amos Elon called The Pity of It All. It's about Jewish life in Berlin right before the war. The whole environment of the salons and all this culture—there was a real openness and freedom. It's scary to think the response to that was this incredible fascism."

"I also really liked reading the Babysitter’s Club; I read like 250 books in that series."

"When I was 12, I really liked The Bridge To Terabithia. "

" I was 12 when I first read it and I was just amazed to hear someone my age be so honest about how she felt about her parents, her crushes, and her sister. It also seemed like a way to learn my own family's history, because my grandparents escaped The Holocaust but never discussed it."

http://www.time.com (10 Questions for Natalie Portman)

Natalie Portman Who?
Natalie Portman (real name Natalie Hershlag) was born on June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel. She is an Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe Award-winning Israeli-American actress.

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