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Book Cover
Treasure Hunt


"...a fun, savvy book."

"Treasure Hunt has a strong sense of the shopping zeitgeist."

"...As a merchant, I recommend this book."

"...businesses need to steel themselves...The companies that win will have displayed a clear treasure map at the front door."

"Treasure Hunt...is not just about saving money-it's about gaining control, achieving goals, and attaining the things that matter…"

"This book is about real people who are making day-to-day decisions on purchases that impact their lives and their wallets…"

"Essential reading for those who currently work in marketing…"

"Michael Silverstein first co-authored TRADING UP, which profiled the reasons why consumers choose to pay a premium for luxuries. This time around in TREASURE HUNT, Silverstein profiles the middle market consumer and the reasons why they sometimes choose to trade-up and most times, deliberately trade-down to purchase less expensive goods. He also distills sound marketing strategy on how businesses can better appeal to the middle-market consumer at the lower-end of a market."



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