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Naked in the Boardroom: A CEO Bares Her Secrets So You Can Transform Your Career


"Groundbreaking in unveiling Humanness as the key to success in both business and in life. Naked in the Boardroom is inspiring, and brutally honest. I couldn't put it down."

"Robin Wolaner has nailed the myths and the realities of life in the executive ranks, in a pithy and entertaining read. There is a lot to learn here to make your career more satisfying and successful."

"Robin Wolaner offers insightful advice about such critical tasks as hiring and firing, negotiating, change management, and developing a positive culture. More importantly, she sheds light on the emotional side of business by talking simultaneously about what she was thinking and what she was feeling at various points in her quite remarkable career. Robin's book is must reading for all entrepreneurs and, frankly, for all men and women who need to figure out how to work together productively in a professional context."

"Robin Wolaner is one of the smartest and most accomplished CEOs that I know. I have benefited for many years from her wisdom. Now everyone else can, too."

  • David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire and Smart Women Finish Rich

"Robin Wolaner does something ... that few CEOs would ever do -- she shares her honest mistakes, and the lessons she's learned along the tough road of starting and running a company. Both men and women can start smarter--and finish richer, as a result of reading this book."

"This book has 81 "naked truths", and I originally just wanted to list these truths, because they're so spectacularly, well, true. But I decided against it, because I then wouldn’t have had a chance to tell you about the interesting person who wrote the book with this provocative title..."

"Wolaner began her career as copywriter at "Penthouse", founded "Parenting" magazine, worked at "MotherJones," "Runner's World;" launched "Vibe" and "Martha Stewart Living," and does she have some tales to tell, her own and other women who are making a successful go of it. Wolaner inserts as much emotion as possible--unlike many business books--and the result is an engaging, straight-shooting book about hard-won business success."

"A quick, diverting read, the book zigs and zags through everything from business ethics to office attire to raising money for a new venture. But ultimately the book is about how women should deal with the men who dominate the world of business."

"You could almost read only the Naked Truths and come away with a new understanding of how to approach your career. If you're a woman looking for inspiration in your career, this may be the spark you are looking for. And men, this book might be helpful to you as well. After all, aren't we all trying to climb the career ladder?"

"It is by far (assuming I know the turf, which I think I pretty much do) the best book on strategy and tactics for women aiming to make it big in business—big biz or entrepreneurial biz. Moreover, I think any male—myself included, at age 63—can learn an enormous amount from this book."


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