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Bill Gates, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft CorporationJim Estill, CEO, Synnex CanadaBrad Sugars, WorldMats Lederhausen, managing director, McDonaldMartin Green, COO, MeeboMark Otty, chairman, Ernst & Young UK
Ronald Reagen, US President, 40thJay Abraham, Marketing ExpertLee Iacocca, Former CEO of ChryslerJeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon.comGuy Kawasaki, CEO, Garage Technology VenturesHillary Clinton
Robin Sharma, WorldMarleen McDaniel, CEO, LightworksBill Conaty, Sr. V.P. Human Resources, General Electric CompanyColleen Barrett, President, Southwest AirlinesNatalie Portman, Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe Award-winning Israeli-American actressKristen Stewart, Actress and star of the film Twilight
Barack Obama, President of the United States of AmericaAnthony Robbins, Famous American Motivational ExpertBill Clinton, former U.S PresidentAndy Grove, CEO, IntelOprah Winfrey, Talk Show HostJ.K. Rowling, author
Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder, EasyjetBenjamin M. Rosen, chairman, Compaq Computer CorporationGeorge W. Bush, Former U.S. PresidentKathy Bates, Academy Award Winning ActressGwyneth Paltrow, Academy Award winner actressStephenie Meyer, Author, Twilight series
Seth Godin, Marketing expertBen Casnocha , EntrepeneurJeffrey Gitomer, American businessman, author, and business coachTim Sanders, Chief solutions officer, Yahoo!Steven Spielberg, Academy Award-winning American film director and producerJeffrey R. Immelt, CEO, General Electric
Joe Wikert, VP, John Willey & Sons, Inc.Kevin Eikenberry, Team & Leadership ExpertMichael S. Hyatt, CEO, Thomas Nelson PublisherR.L. Stine, author of the popular Goosebumps seriesMark Greatrex, Senior Vice President Marketing, Communications & Insights, The Coca-Cola CompanyJudy Blume, popular American author
Julie Christie, the British movie legendRudolph Giuliani, Former Mayor of NYCKate Winslet, Academy Award winning actressKen Roman, former CEO, The Ogilvy Group

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