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    The One Minute Manager

    "Can several million people be wrong? Read the book that spawned the dynasty! Timeless tips for supervisors and others who want to increase their effectiveness with people. Learn how to catch people doing something right and the power of clear, understandable goals. Though deceptively simple, this is a great read!"

    "I gave copies to my boss, my subordinates, other refinery managers, and even to my wife, our close friends and our clergy. It has that kind of broad appeal and it’s that good!"

    • Louis P. Neeb, President Fast Food Division W. R. Grace & Co. (formerly Chairman of the Board Burger King Corp.)
    "Buying copies of The One Minute Manager is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and in our managers."

    • Charles A. Garfield, Ph.D. President PEAK Performance Center; Clinical Professor University of California Berkeley
    "Quite simply, The One Minute Manager can help any manager to assist his people to become peak performers. I include it in all my work with American corporations seeking to improve productivity, profitability and performance."

    • Donald I. Smith, Director School of Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management College of Business Michigan State University
    "Not since Up the Organization have I read such a straightforward, innovative book as The One Minute Manager. Should be command reading for every restauranteur and hotelier in the country."

    • Roy Anderson, Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer Lockheed Corp.
    "All managers and executives can easily use The One Minute Manager to build a more efficient organization. Those who have tried it, like it."

    • Ernest E. Renaud, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Jerrico Inc
    "Finally there is a short, readable, practical guide to management! We have made more than a thousand copies of The One Minute Manager available to our man"

    "Our managers are using The One Minute Manager's prac method in our 'Yellow Pages' operations all over the world. There is no doubt about it - it works!"

    • Jere W. Thompson, President The Southland Corporation / 7-Eleven Convenience Stores
    "The best management book I've read. I couldn't put it down. I've bought copies for all my key managers, and now they are doing the same for their people."

    "One Minute Management is a better way to get quality results from people. I would like to see the method used throughout the armed forces-soon!"

    "I believe The One Minute Manager should be made 'stan issue' at all our management development training programs from new managers' school to Advanced Man Training. It embodies (in an easy-to-read form) the fundamental principles of people management we are try to instill in our management team"

    "Our whole management has profited from reading The One Minute Manager"

    • Brad Sugars, World's #1 Business Coach Entrepeneur Best-Selling Author

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